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Looking to advocate, educate, support, counsel, coach, and bring awareness of the transgender community one step at a time.

Safe Zone.....


Trans. Proud is an open group offered to everyone who identifies as Transgender, has questions about their gender are not of the gender Norm. We offer education for anyone in the community who wishes to become educated about transgender issues and what it means to be transgender. we have a medical Dr. a peer counselor, a clothing bank and 24 hour support services.


Our main project is to gather new people to join the weekly group meetings. Currently we are Working on our public seminar about transgenders. To Be held at the Lost Dog Cafe in Binghamton NY.


 We currently are looking for donations of colored and patterned duct tape for duct tape wallets.

You can buy at any hardware store and also at five and below it's $3.99 a roll and you get 2-3 wallets per roll.

Get Involved

Discussion groups are every other week We successfully started March 7. 2013. ​We have a seminar on July 11, 2013 free to attend and open to the public.The goal of this is to educate people of the category transgender people fall under, what medical reasons and treatments are necessary for transgenders, the hardships and discrimination faced every day by transgenders, and what can be done about all of it.

News 1

Pride Palooza was a success we are out there and helping more Transgender individuals and their families. Our group has doubled in size. Thank you all for you interest.

Coming up............

Please See Our Projects Page....

July Project

News 2

July 11, 2013
Free Public seminar to be held to educate the general public about Transgenders. All community members are welcome to attend.
Always in search of individuals to attend and build our community to become a more accepting and educated place to build support systems for those of us that are transgender or gender non-conforming.
Remember Always, be Proud Trans. Proud!





Seminar: Educate To End H8...










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